Once upon a time 2 people from 2 different worlds met and realised that despite the fact that they grew up in completely different countries their outlooks were absolutely identical.

Helena was brought up in a sustainable house where was almost no waste and each piece of paper, scrap of metal or unwanted clothes were getting recycled or reused and people were being conscious and frugal with all they had. She comes from Belarus.

And Andrew comes from an ordinary Scottish family which had vegetables in their back garden, knitted their own clothes and used to turn leftovers into meals for the next day.

So when we came to settle down in Scotland with our daughter our plan was to get rid of single use plastic in the house, start a vegetable garden and make our own natural cleaning products.

Everything is going to plan so far, we had a lot of fresh vegetables and found local farm shops to get food without plastic packaging and yes, Alena started making natural body soap, dish soap, sugar and salt scrubs, shampoo, conditioner etc..

It is very important for us to switch to natural cleaning and body care products as we were concerned about polluting water streams by pouring dangerous chemicals down the drain, and discarding plastic packaging. Knowing that a lot of chemicals industrially used by big companies are also dangerous for human health, and their long-term use might lead to various diseases and health conditions we just couldn't help share our ideas as well as our products with friends and family.

And so Ecopartisan's was born - enthusiastically promoting the idea of plastic free body and hair care products and motivating people to buy locally supporting local ethic eco friendly businesses rather than big companies which are only focused on profit margins.

Alena, still being the main creator of our handmade products and Andrew doing as he is told helping out with making but mainly focuses on selling and marketing the products!!! We are striving to make the best products we can locally. Slowly adding to our range where we see value.

Ecopartisan’s products make the perfect gift for anyone looking for ethical, natural and luxurious products that doesn’t cost the earth, look amazing on your bathroom shelf or dressing table and work like a dream.

Note: No friends or family or pets were harmed during testing our skin care products.