How to Choose a Shampoo Bar: A Complete Guide

Real Solid Shampoo

Andrew Rumford

1/23/20232 min read

I read an article recently on a popular local Soap Makers web site: ‘The Shampoo Bar Transition - using natural shampoo bars for the first time’.

It goes on for almost a full page taking you through how you should transition from synthetic detergents, stating:

When you start using natural products your hair readjusts by over producing sebum,(Incorrect). It also says: Some people don’t experience a transition period at all but it can last between 2-3 weeks or even longer for some. It continues: you may want to mix a couple of teaspoons of baking soda with a pint of water and pour this over your head whilst rubbing it in, this helps unclog the pores of the synthetic ingredients previously used.

If you hear the above mentioned by a soap seller when talking about solid shampoo walk away because they are trying to sell you a soap bar masquerading as a solid shampoo bar.

Side Effects of soap on the hair:

What are the side effects of soap on hair? Using soap, (by soap, I mean any kind or any brand of soap), can strip out the natural oils from your scalp.

Ultimately it will make your hair dry and frizz. Roots of the hair become weak and hairs becomes prone to breakage . Hair tangles or knots are not pleasant to detangle, (Especially in kids).. The process can be painful, time-consuming, and may cause hair breakage and damage. The alkaline pH of the soap, (>7-10pH), it roughens the hair shafts and makes them tangle-prone. This will caused by a build-up of calcium salt on the hair attracting negative electrons which increases tangles.

A healthy pH Is essential for your hair’s health. Your hair has a high content of the protein, keratin. An alkaline product like soap with a high pH damages the keratin, making your hair more prone to breakage. It also opens up the cuticles making the hair more porous and allowing entry of chemicals and pollutants into your hair.

Real Solid Shampoo Bars:

Real Solid Shampoos have an acidic pH, (5.0-5.5pH), which is closer to the scalp and hair pH, (4-5.5pH).

When using real Solid Shampoo’s: Wet your hair in the shower, pick the shampoo bar up wipe into your hair 4 – 5 times (dependent on length), put the bar down, wash and lather up with your fingers then wash out. It’s that simple. Your hair will be clean and feel great from the first wash.

If also whilst talking about solid shampoo, someone mentions a transition stage or cannot tell you the shampoo bar is 5.5pH or less Run for the hills!!!

There are some great real solid shampoo bars out there on the market but there are more soap bars pretending to be solid shampoo unfortunately. Stockists need to pay attention to this and be aware of what product they are actually stocking their shop with. If a customer buys a fake shampoo bar from you, you have then lost the customers trust and they won't be back.

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